Before contacting support, we recommend that you first consult our frequently asked questions and answers.

¿Can I retrieve any item?

As long as it's legal, registered and lost, it can be recovered if someone wants to return it.

How quickly will an item be returned to me from the moment it's lost?

As far as the item, it depends on when it's found and how fast it wants to be returned, this period can last a day, a month, years or maybe never.

If the item is stolen, is there any possibility of it being returned?

I don't think so, maybe, anything is possible.

Can I register stolen items?

Sure! But if we detect these kinds of items we'll have to report them to the appropriate authorities.

Is there way to return the item anonymously?

Yes, but for now we don't have that service. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

If the person who contacted me doesn't want to return my item unless I give them money?

That type of action is a crime and you must report it to the appropriate authorities.

If I lost an item far from residence, do I have to pay for shipping?

Yes, all shipping costs, if necessary, are responsibility of the owner of the lost item.

If the person to whom I return the item wants to reward me in some way, can I accept it?

No, receiving a reward makes it a criminal act, therefore we stress to not accept a reward.

Can another person pick up the item for me?

Yes, of course, provided they are fully identified.