About Wimo

This story, which began in a town close to the north, where everyone tried to have a normal life, one day, I lost my cell phone, maybe it's not important, because I can buy another one and it's only a cell phone, but you care about this little part of your life, for the only reason that everything in your life is in this little piece of technology, all your pictures, the phone numbers of all your family and friends, and the pictures! The first pictures of my little girl (and the only that I have) is in this little cell phone, and if I loose it, I will loose this part of the life of my baby. What I will tell her when she grows up: Sorry for loosing your childhood? Fortunately, a very good person, gave me back my cell phone when I called my own number to know if someone found it. Normally, these kind of things never happen, when you loose something, you loose it forever. Now, I learned my lesson, take a backup of all my pictures and putting some kind of identification on each of my belongings in case I loose something again, but, what happens if I can help another person? I tell myself: Just do it. Now, you have the chance to find the things you lost, only if someone wants to give them back, so, never lose hope, please. Believe in people like me, someone in someplace wants give you back this precious thing that you lost, and if you found something, please give it back to the owner.